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Individual / Young Person's Counselling #01

Individual Counselling

Individual relationship counselling can provide individuals who feel ‘stuck’ or overwhelmed in, or at the end of a relationship. In a safe and supportive environment we work to explore and make sense of difficult situations and feelings.

In individual counselling we work with our clients in the following situations:

  • struggling to let go of what has happened in the past
  • loss of confidence / self esteem
  • feeling relationships always go wrong

    As relationship counsellors we help individuals to recognise their strengths and resources so that they can move forward. Recognising what is helpful and what is unhelpful can enable people ‘do’ relationships differently.

  • Young Person's Counselling

    Young people may need support when are they finding it difficult to understand or deal with strong emotions or behaviours and when it becomes hard for them to talk to those people close to them.

    Individual / Young Person's Counselling #02

    These difficulties may be related to:

  • their own developmental issues
  • family
  • school
  • friendships/ relationships
  • parental separation / divorce
  • bereavement / loss
  • emotional and behavioural issues.

  • Young person’s counselling offers a safe and confidential place for young people to talk about difficulties without feeling they are being judged or talked down to.They are encouraged to acknowledge and build on their own strengths and resources, and so to feel more able to make decisions about themselves and their relationships. Building self-esteem and self confidence is key to a healthier and happier life.

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