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Sexual Issues #01

Sexual Issues

Many people find communicating about sex difficult. We are very aware that it can be embarrassing to start talking about sexual issues. We provide a safe, collaborative and confidential therapeutic space to discuss this personal subject.

An initial session is useful to discuss whether counselling with a sexual focus or psychosexual therapy would be of most benefit. The aim of both approaches is to help you work through issues you are struggling with so that you can find ways of doing things differently either as a couple or as an individual, and enjoy/re-discover your sex life as a source of pleasure and fun.

Sexual Issues #02

Counselling with a sexual focus

Psychological difficulties affecting sex can include:

  • the impact of stress and anxiety
  • discovering an affair
  • recurrent arguments
  • a sense of having drifted apart as a couple.

    Counselling with a sexual focus is useful where sex has become a source of conflict or stress for individuals or couples, or where couples are not able to talk to each other about sex.

  • Psychosexual Sexual Therapy

    (Michaela’s additional area of expertise)

    Psycho Sexual Therapy (also called Sex Therapy) can be helpful for an individual or couple who feel their sexual difficulties are manifesting themselves physically, in unhelpful ways. Sex Therapy can address these issues very successfully and will often have a beneficial impact on other aspects of a relationship, such as communication and emotional intimacy.

    Difficulties that Sex Therapy can resolve include:

  • loss of desire or discrepancies of desire between couples
  • penetrative sex difficulties such as experiencing pain or vaginismus
  • difficulties reaching or problems with orgasm/ejaculation (rapid or delayed)
  • erectile problems
  • accommodating the impact of ageing, illness or disability.

    Psycho Sexual Therapy is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) where old learning and the resulting negative, automatic thoughts and behaviours are replaced with new, more helpful responses.

    For more information about how Psycho Sexual Therapy can help and what to expect please visit

    Sexual Issues #03

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